Trips and photo courses

Travels and photo courses, to learn photography while travelling

Accompanied by a professional photographer, your most beautiful trips, your most beautiful photos

Original tours

Trips and photo courses designed by enthusiasts.
Accompanied by photographers available at 100% to teach you and pass on to you.
In complete safety, supervised by PSC1-trained photographers.

Learning while traveling

Constructive analysis and photo criticism sessions, fully recorded post-processing sessions.
Video materials for a complete training.
Digital media in PDF format.

Accommodation and comfort

Charming accommodation with all comforts, to make you feel at home.
Optimised routes, so that you are always close to the points of view to limit unnecessary mileage.
To live an authentic experience!

Travel and photo courses

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Why travel with us?

Trips and photo courses

Stays for you dedicated to 100% to your passion

Original circuits imagined by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

Rich and varied programs, long exposure, minimalism, astrophoto, animal...

Explore and discover, we accompany you off the beaten track.

Travelling also means leaving a little room for the unexpected, for surprises.

Transfer and transport

You are transported in a private and comfortable vehicle.

For your comfort we systematically rent a vehicle with a minimum of 9 seats.

Bags and suitcases have their space and you have yours.

You watch the landscape pass by while enjoying the show.

You can rest during the journey to recharge your batteries.

Accompanied by pros

Training sessions supervised by professional photographers

Thanks to the sound advice of our professional photographers, you can exercise your eyes.

Our photographers know the place perfectly, they know how to guide you to the right place at the right time.

You will make rapid progress by exchanging and sharing with the group.

All our trips and photo courses are supervised by a professional photographer.

Retouching & post-processing

Sublimate the atmosphere and the light of your photos.

Theory and practice in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Filter, Exposure, White Balance, Layers and Fusion Masks

PDF course materials and HD 1080P video materials.

Post processing sessions are recorded in MP4 format.

You keep these course materials after your trip.

Original training courses

Trips designed to promote learning

Our teacher-photographers adapt to your level.

Each point of view, each day corresponds to a specific technique.

It is the assurance of accelerated training, thanks to structured workshops.

Learn in a different way during our trips and photo workshops.


Local cuisine and customs, depending on the destination.

The spice market in Istanbul, the haggis in Scotland...

A wild flamenco in Seville, the Whirling Dervishes in Turkey.

Travelling is about opening up and discovering.

Organization & logistics

We take care of everything

By trusting us, you save yourself all the trouble.

For your comfort, we take care of all the logistics.

Saving time, our job is to think about all eventualities.

You enjoy your trip.

You concentrate on your pictures.

After your trip

We stay in touch to monitor your progress.

On social networks, the support continues.

Our photographers give you live feedback, constructive criticism.

Join more than 300 travellers who have chosen to trust us!

Trips and photo internships in the community.

Our video trainings

Trips and photo courses

The agency's photographers, your trainers in the field
Sylvain LEPOUTRE Mon Petit Reflex
Maxime DAVRION Terres Perdues
Maxime DAVRION Terres Perdues
Mathieu HULAK
Mathieu HULAK
Laurent FIOL
Laurent FIOL
Olivier ROCQ
Olivier ROCQ
Alexandre BRENDEL Studio Brendel
Alexandre BRENDEL Studio Brendel
Michaël ARZUR
Michaël ARZUR
CPF OPCO Photo Courses

A selection of trips or photo courses



I am Laurent BASTIDE, founder of the agency.

The adventure Voyages-Photos began in 2018 with a simple idea:

Share and live unique experiences centered around photography.

Beyond exchanging around a common passion, it is always a pleasure to meet you,

to help you discover my favourite destinations and make you aware of the wonders that surround us!

I would like to thank all the participants for their confidence.

Trips and photo courses, your most beautiful trips, your most beautiful photos.

You can also find all my tutorials on my site Images & Emotions

Trips and photo courses

Trips and photo courses, to devote yourself fully to your passion.

We invite you to discover breathtaking landscapes during photo trips imagined and organized by us. is a travel agency specialized in photography stays and internships in France and abroad.

During these courses and trips you will be accompanied by a professional and passionate photographer, at your side throughout your stay to advise you and help you perfect your photographic technique.

Photo trip around the world

Discover the world differently and capture exceptional images in the most beautiful landscapes of the world in small groups: we take you on a quest to the most photogenic places in Europe and Asia. Our travels and photo courses take you off the beaten track, in search of exceptional scenery in the best light conditions. These trips are entirely dedicated to photography. Our main objective is to do everything possible so that you can devote yourself fully to your passion and help you to sublimate dream landscapes, thanks to the eye of a professional photographer.

For each of the photo trips Special photo themes are addressed: photographing the Northern Lights in Norway, emblematic mountains in Iceland, conquering seascapes on the French and Spanish coasts.

Travel and thematic photo courses

Our trips and photo internships allow you, for a few days, to benefit from the eye of a professional photographer who will help you progress.

These courses are aimed at beginners, experienced amateurs and experts. Each photography internship approaches one or more particular techniques: long exposure, animal, safari, astrophotography...